Prepare to earn the high school equivalency diploma

The GED, is the General Education Development Test for its acronym in English, it is the exam that will allow you to obtain the certificate equivalent to High School.

The GED has 4 main areas: Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

How is the GED prep course at Uceda Institute?

At UCEDA we support you with the entire training process to take the exam in the state you reside in. Your classes can be taken virtually or in person. The program lasts 16 weeks.

You will learn basic math, geometry, algebra, graphs, and functions, as well as basic science concepts; In language you will strengthen the comprehension and writing of texts so that you learn to do a persuasive essay. And in Social Studies you will reinforce topics such as civics and government, US history and economics.

There is no age limit to take the exam, achieve your dreams, contact us today!

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