Experience The UCEDA

What do people say about UCEDA?

“I’m from Nicaragua and I came to the USA about 10 years ago.I didn’t have any English skills, I barely knew how to say Hi. I was fortunate to find UCEDA Institute that helps immigrants that want to learn English and succeed in this country”

Carlos Chavarria, Dentist

“The UCEDA Institute virtual program has allowed me to learn English online despite living in another country. I am very happy that I made this decision because I have very good teachers who care about my learning.”

Emely Guerrero, Venezuela

“I came to the USA 3 years ago from my country because I want to learn English. I didn’t even know the alphabet so that’s why I started studying at UCEDA Institute from Level 0 to Level 12. Thanks to this experience I could start a professional career”

Eduard Koleda, Belarus