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We again look forward to celebrating the joy of pursuing our dreams, and to spreading this joy and hope throughout our community


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Season 2: Let's dream again!

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The show

UCEDA is synonymous with tradition, quality, education, and the transformation of lives through its English as a second language teachings.

Throughout the past 34 years, we have become a benchmark in education by transforming the lives of thousands of immigrant families who have come to the United States in search of opportunities and dream building.

Thanks to this, it has given way to the consolidation of space for interaction in which many cultures, traditions, customs, and artistic expressions from all continents converge.
Since the early days of 2019, the creation of this showcase was visualized to allow promotion and dissemination of this cultural and social wealth, giving way not only to a quality educational process but also opening our doors to the cultural hallmark of our students.

As a result of this visionary process, UCEDA'S GOT TALENT was born in 2019, a scenario of multicultural exchange, a flagship, and sense of pride for our UCEDA family.
In its 2019 and 2021 versions, it brought together more than 1,000 attendees, 70 auditions, 40 finalists, 6 winners, thousands of dollars in prizes, and a massive amount of applause for the contestants who were singing and dancing, acting, and performing their talents.

Now in 2022, the third edition arrives, a renewed and recharged version of talent, dreams, art, and passion that will allow us to continue dreaming on a memorable night. This is the outcome of the synergy and teamwork of our students, families, staff, sponsors, and community.
We thank all the people who have been part of this dream through their support, talent, and creativity.


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    Weekday Assignments

    Participants will have the opportunity to interact with, and interview, local residents and business people with many backgrounds
    • Government entities
    • Business offices
    • Artist studios and workshops

    Weekend Cultural Field Trips

    • New York City
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Philadelphia


    • Excursions, materials, transportation, lunch, and breaks are included.
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