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    Astoria coffee machines are seen as the result, the quintessence of creativeness and continuous improvement. The merchandise was created by Adriano Style – one of the most well-known style studios in France. Champ of the German Design and style Prize 2019, just about the most esteemed and throughout the world acknowledged awards in the area of industrial layout.

    What exceptional capabilities does the Astoria coffee machine obtain that are so valued by experts?

    – Allows baristas to adjust and maintain an best caffeine brewing user profile (user profile) thanks to pre-handling temperature and pressure in the course of extraction developing a number of coffees with uniform taste at different areas. different periods.

    – Dried up Water vapor with sophisticated technology “Cool Touch” provides baristas that are passionate about latte art adequate room to develop their own personal latte art approach.

    – The opportunity to instantly adapt the right heat, improving the barista to manage the temperature when preparing to get a stable cup of joe.

    – GreenLine technology in Astoria Hurricane FRC lowers power consumption by around 47% compared to machines of similar potential. At the same time, the machine can quickly “Stand by” while in away-top working hrs.

    The equipment is proper for virtually any dispensing place in a timeless classy fashion.

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