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    The first use you imagine of when you hear about woks is almost certainly stir-frying. Even so, with woks having been around for a long time and becoming the mainstay of Chinese and other Asian cooking, they will have many uses.

    Woks are cooking vessels with a rounded bottom and sloping sides that helps the cooking process. The origination of the wok arrived of necessity. The shortage of gasoline for longer cooking techniques was a problem. The wok cooks at extremely high temperatures for a short time. The secret is intense heat, but controllable heat.

    Today woks are created with flat bottoms plus the ancient rounded bottom styles. The flat bottom level woks are better on electric power stoves or glass sort stove tops, while the rounded bottoms are great with gas stoves.

    Many materials are also used in wok making in fact it is largely an individual preference. Determine which material will work best for you.

    Various Asian cooks swear by the old family cast iron wok.
    asia wok work very well for the iron enamel wok, but this wok does nicely on the gas stove too. Typically, a carbon metal wok sets costs about �50 and the stainless steel sets are about �70. The stainless steel wok can be 5 ply with 3 ply of it inner layers being aluminium. Aluminium is well known for its heat conducting attributes. Cast iron woks, 14" in diameter at the top, sell from about �10. They will need to be seasoned, but they will outlive a lot of the family.

    What’s so special about wok cooking? The shorter cooking times seal in juices, save power and create delicious flavours. The lean Asians certainly are a testimony to the wok cooking with its reduced cholesterol cuisine. In wok food preparation you can steam, mix fry, simmer and serious fry. Even yet in the deep frying it is possible to avoid the longer cooking moments which lead to more oil absorption meaning increased calories. Various accessories can be bought along with your wok to insure your new cooking approaches are done properly. For instance, your steamer basket ought to be 12" in diameter to fit a 14" wok.

    The preparation of the meals to be cooked should be done in advance. Cutting and slicing and learning which foods take the longer cooking instances is very important. Buy a wok cooking book and study your brand-new recipes on the Internet. Your brand-new cooking utensil has exposed a fresh culinary door. Learn which oils suit your wok cooking food and which do not. Learn the approaches for a steaming basket and how to steam a meal on a plate lowered into your new