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    A distinctive manifestation of definite monolithic buildings is the fullness, when the stress-having elements of the structure inhabit the interior portion of the entire body of the composition. The primary material is strengthened definite. All stages of generation are performed inside the structure making use of formwork. Of the varieties of these kinds of definite items, it is well worth featuring: straight marching buildings, go across-region stairways, U-, L-shaped and screw choices.

    When building region houses, the usage of staircase structures around the stringer typically gets related. The location of most of these exterior frames may be easily and successfully varied. Well-known are possibilities located in the middle of the trip of stairs or on the side. With a sizeable item size, equally options may be used. Contrary to a monolithic one particular, a staircase over a stringer fails to consume a great deal of free of charge space, and, subject to great-good quality functionality, it is very convenient to use.

    As a way to give a visual effect when overlapping the stairs from the side, a bowstring is utilized. Its primary parameters are affected by the particular fastening from the steps (on the edges, mortise or slipping possibilities), the elevation in the phase, the type of material applied (wooden, metallic, reinforced definite). We give choice on the second option of these, therefore offering specific energy to concrete products and prolonging their functioning.

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