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    Effective, fun, unforgettable immersion programs
    to take your English to the next level - quickly!

    How our courses are different

    • Totally immersed in English combining structured and social learning scenarios
    • Optimize progress in the shortest time
    • Tailored to your professional needs
    • Personalized classes

    3 Reasons why our English immersion programs are your best option

    1. Speak all day in casual and formal settings
    2. Build cross-cultural and international business competence
    3. Minimize distractions and maximize your learning enjoyment

    Full English
    Immersion Programs

    Effective Presentations
    & Business Writing Workshops (On-site)

    Have no doubt:

    This is your greatest investment in time and money

    Three, Four, or Six-Week Programs Available

    How you will benefit

    A 6-week, 288-hour program is equivalent to a one-year-and-a-half, 4-hour per week program in your country.

    Dynamic, fun activities:

    • Outdoor training
    • Mini development workshops
    • Human Synergistics simulations
    • Sightseeing, Wine Tasting, Potomac River Tours
    • Hiking
    • Cross-cultural and international business etiquette discussions

    What you’ll experience

    Participate in classroom learning, sightseeing activities, outdoor training, corporate simulation, and mini-workshops. Led by highly qualified, results-driven instructors and facilitators, native English speakers, and experts in adult learning principles.

    Who should attend

    • Introductory interview to get to know you, your needs, and expectations
    • A free placement English language test designed specifically to measure your current proficiency
    • To enter the program, you will need a minimum low intermediate proficiency

    Actively participate with confidence and clarity in all English language events, including high-powered meetings, conferences, and training sessions

    I thoroughly enjoyed becoming proficient in the English language. I was challenged and rewarded. This was the best business-related training I’ve ever received.

    – National Sales Director, Chile

    Meet Our Highly
    Qualified Instructors

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    Companies and global organizations:

    We deliver on-site and customized learning programs.

    We work with your unique learning goals, schedule, and budget to develop and deliver a program specific to your company needs at your location.

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      Full English Immersion Program

      Program Overview

      • 3 weeks: 48 hours weekly, 144 total hours
      • 4 weeks: 48 hours weekly, 192 total hours
      • 6 weeks: 48 hours weekly, 288 total hours
      • Highly qualified, experienced teachers
      • Personalized instruction based on adult learning characteristics and second language learning techniques
      • Small groups – 8-10 participants
      • Homestay accommodations
      • Mini-workshops, facilitator-certified simulation, and outdoor experiential training activities

      Program Structure

      Morning class instruction emphasizes a comprehensive approach to improve all four skills of English language proficiency: speaking, listening, writing, and reading – emphasizes on speaking.


      Afternoon sessions systematically recycle morning content, grammar, and vocabulary. Dynamic activities and optimum scenarios reinforce English fundamentals through fluency development and accent reduction.


      Our teaching methodology is critical for the effectiveness of the program.


      This is why we have designed and structured the program around a careful mix of learning techniques, including:

      • Structural, functional, and interactive methods
      • Communicative approach
      • Simulations
      • Video feedback


      At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

      • Apply acquired vocabulary – minimum 500 new words, including verbs and idiomatic expressions
      • Correctly structure sentences and demonstrate proper English grammar
      • Master effective strategies to develop confidence and flexibility in speaking and listening

      Program Fees

      • 3-week, 180-hour program: $7200 per participant  
      • 4-week, 243-hour program: $9,050 per participant

      The package price for a course of 5 weeks is based on a fee of $1800 per week.
      The package price for a course of 8 weeks or longer is based on a fee of $1700 per week.

      Please note your package includes 50% lodging fees, materials, lunch & breaks, transportation to and from the airport, as well as travel to classes and entrance fees to events and field trips.   

      Reservations, Deposit, and Payment Schedule

      A deposit of $500 is required to reserve your place. The remainder of the course package price payment is due 15 days before the course begins.

      How to Pay

      • Bank (wire) transfer (please inquire for details)
      • International money order or personal check in US dollars made payable to: Acadia Center for English Immersion
      • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover,  American Express, and others)

      Cancellation Policies

      Cancellations are accepted at no charge up to 15 working days before the program. Later cancellations or no-shows are responsible for paying the entire workshop fee. 

      Substitutions and transfers may be made at any time at no charge. In the event of a cancellation of a program for any reason, UCEDA Institute liability is limited to the return of registration fees. 

      Effective Presentations & Business Writing Workshops

      Effective Presentations Workshop


      Our Effective Business Presentations, 16-hour workshop, is exclusively designed for English-as-a-second-language professionals in need of creating and delivering winning business presentations that impact, persuade, and dazzle international audiences.


      Do your presentations capture the audience´s attention? Are your ideas clear, concise, and organized? When finished, do people walk out saying: “Wow, that was a great presentation! His/her English is really good!”


      If not always, come join us in this extraordinary workshop and discover a proven method to help you create and deliver presentations that sizzle and dazzle any audience, no matter how complex the topic.

      How You Will Benefit

      • Save time planning your next presentation before an English speaking audience
      • Sell ideas better
      • Persuade and better showcase your company or department capabilities
      • On-the-spot coaching
      • Personal videotape with 6 practice presentations

      What You Will Cover

      • Identify audience needs
      • Body language
      • Sequence ideas for impact
      • Visual aids
      • Winning presentation

      What’s Included?

      • Instruction by an expert facilitator.
      • Small interactive classes.
      • Specialized manual and course materials.
      • Personalized certificate of completion.

      Effective Business Writing Workshop


      Our Effective Business Writing 16-hour workshop is exclusively designed for English-as-a-second-language professionals in need of creating professional writing that is clear, concise, and complete.

      This popular two-day workshop focuses on the reader’s needs and how to apply the process of readability as you write

      • Emails
      • Minutes
      • Reports
      • Proposals

      Please bring your writing samples to class.  You will witness immediate, measurable improvement as you apply workshop writing techniques to your own writing!

      How You Will Benefit

      • Reduce the time cycle preparing and submitting: Save time writing effectively
      • Create power writing, clear and concise, for a reader to get the message quickly
      • Increase your professionalism by using correct English structure and appropriate tone
      • On-the-spot coaching and facilitation

      What You Will Cover

      • Review common English grammar errors
      • Recognize complex structure
      • Identify reader’s needs
      • Apply Gunning’s Fog Index
      • Eliminate excess words
      • Avoid redundancies
      • Choose short words, precise in meaning
      • Use short sentences
      • Apply action verbs in the active structure
      • Organize content as per topic, reader, purpose, and scope

      What’s Included

      • Instruction by an expert facilitator.
      • Small interactive classes.
      • Specialized manual and course materials.
      • Personalized certificate of completion.


      Weekday Assignments

      Participants will have the opportunity to interact with, and interview, local residents and business people with many backgrounds
      • Government entities
      • Business offices
      • Artist studios and workshops

      Weekend Cultural Field Trips

      • New York City
      • Washington, D.C.
      • Philadelphia


      • Excursions, materials, transportation, lunch, and breaks are included.

      Angelina Calvo Stevenson


      Angelina Calvo Stevenson, M.Ed, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University, Graziadio School of Business and Management, and a Master of Science in Education Leadership from Delaware Valley University.


      She is a seasoned Director of Learning & Performance functions and English Language Immersion Programs at global financial services firms, with over 25 years of experience as an English language instructor.


      Her vast experience includes successfully teaching international business professionals from all industries, diplomats, and other adult professionals seeking fast, proven, cost-effective methods to master the English language.

      She is best known for making English language learning easy, fun, results-focused, and for surpassing learner expectations!



      Angelina has traveled the globe teaching English and management development workshops and has demonstrated abilities to develop and deliver training programs in multiple languages. Angelina is a native speaker of Spanish and English, fluent in French.



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