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Being bilingual has become critical to move ahead and compete in today’s globalized world. Speaking both English and Spanish makes traveling more accessible, opens doors at the world’s best universities, and ensure that you remain on top of your industry. Your coworkers, clients, friends, and your children are becoming bilingual – Now it’s time to join them! With UCEDA INSTITUTE, becoming fluent in a second language is easier than you think.

UCEDA INSTITUTE language classes focus on what’s important: YOU, the student – your individual goals, your individual learning style, your individual needs and interests. Our proprietary curriculum developed over nearly three decades has been refined to guide your progress step-by-step from one level of language proficiency to the next. Most importantly, your teacher at UCEDA is not only an instructor, but also your COACH, a mentor you can trust who is dedicated to your success.

At UCEDA INSTITUTE, learning a second language is possible for everyone who is willing to put forth the effort. Now is the time to invest in yourself and your future! To register for class, just call or stop in at your nearest UCEDA INSTITUTE today!

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